Kapalua Wine and Food Festival

Maribel Rumbaoa

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Maribel Rumbaoa, Deli Manager over in Honolua Store, is a very talented chef who pays a lot of attention to presentation, execution, and most of all, her customers here at Honolua. Her energetic personality resembles her dishes, lively and SPICY! Needless to say, returning customers, visitors and local workers, have expressed their appreciation of the deli’s culinary skills. Maribel works very closely with her team to execute each service day, whether it is cooking, training, or providing excellent customer service. Maribel was recently recognized for her excellent job catering volunteers over at the 2020 Sentry Golf Tournament, right here at Kapalua. It was Honolua Store’s first venture to cater outside the kitchen, led by our very own, Maribel. Her aggressiveness to reach out to our community has been a valuable contribution to the growth of our customer visits in the Honolua Store. If you ever find your way to the Honolua Store, pay a visit to the deli as her team will not disappoint!