Grace Under Pressure

The 2024 Kapalua Wine & Food Festival Official Champagne Partner will be Grace Under Pressure, a consolidator that brings the best Grower champagnes from France. 

These limited and prestigious Champagnes will be showcased throughout the weekend and at the popular “Champagne & Caviar” seminar on Sunday morning. 

Grace Under Pressure…is a Sensory journey to the heart of the terroir of Champagne. Offering customers the best of Champagne, by working in close collaboration with passionate and talented winegrowers to select the best grapes and produce Club Tresors Champagne. This proximity with their partners allows top-of-the-line bottles of exceptional quality. 

The Club Trésors de Champagne, founded in 1971, is a unique association gathering now with only 24 independent winegrowers of the Champagne region. These passionate artisans share common values and defend the quality and typicity of their terroir. The club is the only organization in the Champagne region that selects its members according to rigorous criteria, including the elaboration of the vintages in the cellars of each winemaker, the exclusive vinification of the harvest of their domain and the submission to rigorous tastings by a jury of oenologists and wine professionals.

Grace Under Pressure is the exclusive US importer for eight of the now 24 Special Club winegrowers, all new to the US. Christine Mercnik is the owner / founder and started her company less than only four years ago. 

Producers include:

• Forget-Chemin

• Hervieux-Dumez

• Fresnet-Juillet

• Loriot-Pagel

• Charlier et Fils

• Vincent Joudart 

• Sanchez – Le Guedard 

• Salmon 

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